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Spring Newsletter 2014

February, 2014

Dear Member,

Despite the relentless rain the birds have started singing and the snowdrops are showing their heads .
Time again to tell you what we have planned for 2014.

Thursday, 27th February, 7.30 pm at the Kingston Barn

Annie Bentley, owner of a family-owned Nursery will guide us through 'A Year in the Life of her Nursery'. This will be a talk accompanied by Power Point Presentation; a few spring plants will be for sale.

Saturday, 12th April 10.30 a.m. at Barham Village Hall

Spring Show and Plant Sale. We hope that growing conditions will be favourable this spring and that you all will have plenty of daffodils to exhibit in our show. Please bring your exhibits to the hall between 8.00 and 9.15 a.m. Judging will start immediately after 9.15 and the hall will open to the public at 10.30 a.m. for the show as well as for the Plant Sale. As most of you know, plants sell very quickly and it is essential to be there in good time. Any surplus plants from your gardens will be most welcome.

Thursday, 24th April 7.30 pm at the Kingston Barn

A representative of the 'Kent Wildlife Trust' will be with us and will give us advice on how we can make our gardens more wildlife-friendly, by planting the right plants, providing nesting places for birds, shelter for hedgehogs, etc. etc. This will, again, be a power point presentation and talk. At this evening Dahlia seedlings will be given out for the 'Surprise Dahlia' competition in the Autumn Show. If you are interested and cannot be at the event please contact Brian Wright and he will reserve a seedling for you.

April/beginning of May, date to be determined - Afternoon Outing by Car to Samphire Hoe

The exact date for this outing will be decided at a later date to make sure that the rare bee orchids are in full flower when we go. We were told that last year 8000 spider orchids were in flower end of April. Sounds spectacular. This will be a guided tour and the date will be on our website and/or in the KG Village news. If you book it on the attached Adobe Acrobat PDF 2014 visit booking form you will be notified.

Monday, 9th June, 7.30 pm at Barham Village Hall

Two members of Canterbury NAFAS (National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies) will demonstrate how to construct a simple flower arrangement using greenery and flowers from your garden observing simple rules to achieve maximum effect. We hope that this evening will encourage more members to participate in the Flower Arranging classes of our Shows.

Wednesday, 18th June, 9.00 a.m. Barham Village Hall Coach Outing to Loseley Park

Loseley Park is a historic Manor House and has been the Family home of the More-Molyneux family for over five hundred years. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens, a walled garden, rose garden, organic vegetable garden and much more. The house is a treasure trove and a walk through its rooms is a walk of constant surprises. We have booked a combined ticket for house and garden. Please fill in the attached Adobe Acrobat PDF 2014 visit booking form incl. your requirements for coffee and lunch.

Wednesday 2nd July, 5.00 p.m. The Old Palace, Bekesbourne

Afternoon visit to the gardens by car. The Old Palace was once the home of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer and James Bond Author Ian Fleming. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens with pond, rose arches, lovely herbaceous borders. We will enjoy a cup of tea and a piece of home-made cake. Adobe Acrobat PDF 2014 Visit Booking Form.

Saturday 5th July Summer Show

Summer Show - Adobe Acrobat PDF 2014 Show Schedules and entry forms.

Saturday 6th September Autumn Show

Autumn Show - Adobe Acrobat PDF 2014 Show Schedules and entry forms.

Wednesday, 15th October 7.30 pm Kingston Barn

Power Point Presentation and Talk by Nadfas Speaker Martin Heard with the title 'Tulipmania'. This talk is not about tulips as a flower; it is about the mania for collecting specifically the bulbs in 17th century Holland. There was a boom & bust with the financial speculation in that one single tulip bulb could be sold, in today's value, for over a million pounds. The talk is illustrated with a number of satirical prints from the time and a lot of beautiful flower paintings concentrating on humorous aspects. Members can pick up some tulip bulbs to be grown in a pot and to be shown at the Spring show 2015.

Wednesday, 5th Nov. 7.30 pm Kingston Barn

Due to popular demand we have again invited Steve Bradley, well-known garden writer and radio personality to talk to us. We have not yet agreed on a subject. As he really is the font of all knowledge as far as gardening is concerned it will not be difficult to find an interesting subject. Keep an eye on the web site for updates.


This brings us to the end of our report and the Committee hopes that you will enjoy some or all of the events planned. We wish you joyful gardening, the right amount of sunshine and rain, no slugs and a cast-iron back with a hinge on it!

Very Best Wishes to you all,

G. McGuire Dr. Tim Bines               
Hon. Secretary Chairman  

Next EventWednesday
11th April 7.30pm

'Chillis are good for you'
This is an illustrated talk by Steve Weller. Takes place at Barham Village Hall.
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