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Autumn Newsletter 2011

September, 2011

Dear Member

Autumn has arrived; time therefore to remind ourselves of the Societies events during the past few months and to tell you about the plans for next year.

Due to the unusually hard winter with snow and ice we had to move the Christmas Party and AGM to January. It was, contrary to previous years, very well attended by members from all villages and was generally enjoyed by most. One of the suggestions was to move the AGM permanently to January because so much else is always going on before Christmas. The Committee has therefore decided to do just that and it is planned for Thursday, 19th January 2012 6.3o p.m. at the Barham Village Hall.

In February we invited Steve Edney again who entertained us with his passionate and knowledgeable talk and power point presentation about the development of the Salutation Gardens from an overgrown desert to what it is today. Our second talk and power point presentation was given by Mick Lynn about bees, their life cycles, the different types of bees, risks and diseases and their role in nature. He also gave us a list of plants which gardeners should plant in their gardens to attract bees and to provide them with food. A list of these plants is available in the Adobe Acrobat PDF Seasonal Menu for Bees

A new event this year was our Spring show which we combined with the Plant Sale. There was a delightful show of daffodils, flowering shrubs, bunches of flowers and the hall was filled with the scent of spring flowers. We have therefore planned to have a spring show again in March next year and we hope that many of you will take part.

The Summer Show had increased numbers of exhibits, whilst the Autumn show numbers were lower than usual; the severe gales a few days before the show did considerable damage to potential exhibits. Both shows were however well supported by visitors in the afternoon enjoying the display and afternoon teas.

The outings this year one to NT Garden Nymans and the other one to Eltham Palace were fully booked and much enjoyed. The afternoon outing went to Walnut Tree Farm, a beautiful walled garden with many old-fashioned roses. The weather was not great, thunder and lightning got us quickly into the house of the hosts who very kindly looked after us with a cup of tea and refreshments.

We again took part in the Neame Cup competition with other Societies and our team was runner up this year. They are training again to hopefully win the cup this year!

A list of the events planned for 2012 is available in the calendar. Membership cards for 2012 will be available at the beginning of 2012 when the membership fee will be due.

Finally, if you would like a seed catalogue please ring Andrew Clough on 01303-844324. You will also be able to collect these at our last event of this year on 27th October at the Barham Village Hall. We also plan to deliver compost (peat-free!) to interested members during Feb./March 2012. Details will be announced at the AGM and can be found as usual on our website in due course.

A thank you goes to all of you for your support during this year and we hope that you will enjoy the events planned for 2012.

Very Best Wishes,

G. McGuire Dr. Tim Bines               
Secretary Chairman  

Next EventWednesday
11th April 7.30pm

'Chillis are good for you'
This is an illustrated talk by Steve Weller. Takes place at Barham Village Hall.
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